Thursday, April 8, 2010

Light Parmesan Chicken

Parmesan chicken is a delicious dish that smothers fried chicken breasts with cheese and tomato before a slow bake in the oven.  This dish uses elements of the original - garlicky chicken, a savoury tomato sauce and parmesan cheese - while keeping things light and healthy.

I use canned tomatoes, garlic, chili and herbs to form the sauce in this dish.  I find a short saute at high heat, plus a stint under the broiler reduces the liquid enough in a short cooking time to form a tasty sauce for the spaghetti noodles but any home-made or pre-prepared sauce would work just as well in place.  Eliminating the fried batter on the chicken lightens things up considerably without sacrificing flavour.  Enjoy!

Challah Rolls

Challah is a traditional Jewish holiday bread.  It is my understanding long braided loaves are baked for the Sabbath and are eaten then and throughout the year, round loaves of the same bread are baked for the New Year.  I used the same recipe used for these loaves and made rolls instead, however, if you wish, form your dough into a beautiful braided loaf!